NYU Student Accidentally Offers Lube to Classmates Thinking It Was Hand Sanitizer

NYU Student Accidentally Offers Lube to Classmates Thinking It Was Hand Sanitizer
Ryan General
October 5, 2020
A New York University freshman’s re-enactment of an embarrassing incident involving a bottle of lube has gone viral on TikTok.
Social lubricant: In the clip, 18-year-old student Andrew Huang narrated how he shared lubricant with other students thinking it was hand sanitizer.
  • Huang said he mistakenly placed someone’s bottle of Astroglide in his bag.
  • He accidentally “lubed” five other first-year students he came across that day to be friendly and helpful during the pandemic.
  • He reportedly noticed that something was off when they rubbed the liquid in their hands.
  • When Huang checked the bottle’s label to see if the sanitizer was expired, he was shocked to see it was lube.  
  • The blunder worked for Huang who later became friends with some of his “lube victims.”
  • Realizing the hilarity of the situation, he documented it via a short video and uploaded it on TikTok.
  • Many TikTok users expressed how they found the incident amusing in the comments section.
Slippery slope: Huang explained to BuzzFeed News that he thought it was a kind of “NYU-branded hand sanitizer bottle” as its labeling matched the university’s color. 
  • “Some people on TikTok think that my intention was to steal the bottle,” he explained, “but I genuinely thought it was mine and that it just fell out of my bag or something. I always usually carry hand sanitizer in my bag so I assumed it was mine.”
  • According to Huang, fellow NYU students reached out to him after the post went viral, including those he accidentally lubed.
  • “I became close friends with Terrance — one of my lube victims — after the whole incident, and then I met my friend Jonathan through Terrance,” he was quoted as saying.
  • He also met other new friends who reached out to him through Instagram after finding his TikTok video. 
  • To avoid any potential friction, Huang warned others to please “check the label” of hand sanitizer bottles before pouring them out to strangers.
  • Still, Huang says he is thankful that it happened, noting that, “If it weren’t for this TikTok, I wouldn’t have met my friend group here at NYU.”
Featured Image via Andrew Huang
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