Bus Drivers in NYC Are Making Up To $150,000 a Year Working Overtime

New York’s highest-paid bus driver earned $153,173 last year, more than twice his $67,462 base salary, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority payroll records.

The driver, 60-year-old Jeffrey Birch, told the New York Post that veteran drivers were working overtime because the MTA is currently short on workers.

According to the Post, Birch, who has worked for the NYC Transit Authority for 15 years, is one of five bus drivers who increased their base salaries by more than 100 percent last year.

The other drivers were Wesley Jarvis, who made $147,687 last year, Albert Alvarez with $146,600, Melroy Roberts with $134,953 and Radamez Servera, who made $134,953.

Bus operators in New York City earn a minimum hourly wage of $20.97, while veteran drivers make $31.97 an hour.

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