NYC Bakery Distributes 70,000 Free Meals in One Year

NYC Bakery Distributes 70,000 Free Meals in One YearNYC Bakery Distributes 70,000 Free Meals in One Year
Carl Samson
April 29, 2021
With help from donors and volunteers, a bakery in New York City has distributed more than 70,000 free meals to seniors, the homeless and community members in Manhattan’s Chinatown in one year.
Patrick Mock, who manages the bakery at 46 Mott St., began handing out meals last April as businesses started to shut down in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions.
Image via Patrick Mock / 46 Mott Bakery
“I have always been doing free coffee and snacks for essential workers and never turn away a homeless person who needed food and give them what I can,” Mock told NextShark last year. “We want to keep this going because there are still a lot of people in my community that need these hot meals.”
And keep going, they did. On April 23, the initiative celebrated its first anniversary, which came in the form of 500 hot lunches (prepared by Mock’s boss, Chef Tony Chen of 46 Mott Bakery), sponge cakes (from Kam Hing Bakery), waters, masks and sanitizers.
Image via Patrick Mock / 46 Mott Bakery
All items were distributed in an hour.
“Who would have thought that a small shop like 46 Mott would be able to serve over 70,000 meals to seniors, frontline workers, the homeless, or just anyone who needs a hot meal to pick themselves up?” Mock wrote on Instagram ahead of the anniversary.
Image via Patrick Mock / 46 Mott Bakery
Aside from dealing with struggles in the community, the 27-year-old also lost his father in the past year. He says his mental health is much better now, but their bakery and Chinatown still need help.
“The future of the shop is looking a lot better now even though we are still behind on expenses,” Mock wrote. “Chinatown is seeing more life on the weekends and night, with people taking pics and selfies of the lanterns, but we need a lot more help on the weekdays.”
Image via Patrick Mock / 46 Mott Bakery
After their anniversary milestone, Mock and the bakery will continue to distribute free meals.
“Patrick Mock and 46 Mott remain dedicated to the neighborhood and will continue to do their nightly hot dinners for homeless outreach, as well as help others in the area,” Chinatown Block Watch Community Leader Dallas J. Short told NextShark.
Mock and the bakery’s volunteers were joined by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, State Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, State Senator Brian Kavanaugh, Chinatown District Leaders Jenny Low and Justin Yu, Chung Seto (UDO President) Community Activist Karlin Chan, Entrepreneur Winston Chiu, Chinatown Block Watch, Kam Hing Bakery, Tonii’s Fresh Rice Noodle and others dedicated to keeping #ChinatownStrong.
Those interested in donating or volunteering can visit this link.
Feature Images via Patrick Mock / 46 Mott Bakery
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