Malaysian Star Under Fire After Shaming Flight Attendant For Not Carrying Her Bag

Malaysian Star Under Fire After Shaming Flight Attendant For Not Carrying Her Bag
King Malleta
By King Malleta
December 8, 2016
Nur Fathia Abdul Latiff, a popular Malaysian actress and model was probably not expecting the surge of insults that came her way after posting about a recent encounter she had with a Malaysian Airlines stewardess.
According to Asia One, Latiff went online and posted about her experience with a Malaysian Airlines stewardess who refused to carry her bags and stow it in the overhead compartment. The actress said that the stewardess told her that she had a backache after refusing her request.
Together with her online rant, she also made a sarcastic remark saying that the stewardess should be resting and not working if she had a backache.
But instead of sympathy – something that she probably anticipated – the online community camped on the Malaysian flight hostess’s side. Later on, Latiff defended her seemingly “diva behavior” and posted more tweets in English.
In one of her posts, she explained that she “didn’t command” the stewardess and asked for a “favor” to assist her in putting her bags in the overhead compartment. The actress also accused the stewardess or being rude and making faces.
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“It doesn’t matter wherever you (sic) sit. Economy or business. Etiquette is etiquette,” Latiff wrote.
However, many netizens were quick to give their opinions why she shouldn’t feel bad about the cabin crew refusing to help her with her bags.  
One user said, “Do you think air stewardesses are there to carry your bags? You idiot.”

“Bila nak kawin?” Urghh! Stop asking me bout things that i dont know. Im busy preparing for the future.

A photo posted by Nur Fathia binti Abdul Latiff (@fatiyalatiff) on Nov 14, 2016 at 1:35pm PST

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the actress should get familiarized with flight rules indicated in the Going Places Malaysian Airlines’ On Board Magazine. It was mentioned that flight attendants are not required to stow passengers’ luggage in the overhead compartment.
“Cabin crew on duty will, however, assist passengers with infants, young passengers travelling alone, the elderly and passengers with reduced mobility. Passengers who are fit and in good health must carry, stow and secure their own hand luggage on board,” the guideline stated.
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