Nudist Resorts in Thailand Are Opening Up Left and Right

Nudist Resorts in Thailand Are Opening Up Left and Right
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
September 19, 2016
A Danish couple is bringing nude hotels to Asia.
Moller, who came to Thailand in 1988 as a foreign correspondent for a Danish newspaper, considers his resorts as havens for nudists from all around the world.
According to South China Morning Post, Moller explained:
“Most of our guests are from India and Australia. We also have guests from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.
The resorts are popular destinations for naturists who prefer to be in full nudity in the presence of other people while on vacation. There are other places in Asia that have nudist designated areas, but they are few and usually unknown to foreign tourists.
“It’s a growing niche market. You can charge more for rooms, as customers don’t mind paying more. The climate in Thailand is way better than anywhere in Europe. Here it’s not cold at night, which is not the case in Europe, especially northern Europe. There are thousands and thousands of nudists in Germany, but it’s cold in wintertime there.”
The hotels, situated in  Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket, are the only ones in Asia that exclusively cater to nudists. In addition, Moller plans to open an 8,000 square foot nudist campsite between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi by the end of this year.
He hopes that the campsite will give guests a more primitive experience by being close to nature. Moller grew up in a naturist family that consisted of his two sisters and parents. After moving to Thailand, he launched his own publishing company before moving into nudist hospitality.
“They go to their rooms, take off their clothes and come down to the restaurant and talk to other people. Naturists are very talkative and they like to talk to each other. Most people who come here are couples. But we also have many singles. Other couple guests don’t mind having singles as long as they do not expect any sexual activity.”
Moller set up his first nudist hotel, the Chan Resort in Pattaya, in 2009. He and his wife are two of the founding members of the Naturist Association Thailand. The organization, which began in 2007, now includes 3,000 members who take part in the operation of the resorts.
“The hotel operators have to sign a contract with the association to behave according to standards. No sex is allowed in public places. For the individual members, we have regular meetups like the upcoming naked run in October in a three kilometre jungle outside Bangkok.”
Thailand is an up and coming destination for naturists thanks to Moller. However, not everyone in the country is receptive of the trend.
“There are no public beaches in Thailand where nudism is allowed by law. You can see some beaches in Phuket where nobody will mind if women are topless. But they will mind if the men are naked.” 
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