Northridge Man Charged for At‌tac‌ki‌n‌g Female CSUN Student on Campus

Northridge Man Charged for At‌tac‌ki‌n‌g Female CSUN Student on CampusNorthridge Man Charged for At‌tac‌ki‌n‌g Female CSUN Student on Campus
A resident of Northridge, Los Angeles was recently charged with a‌ss‌a‌u‌lt after following and at‌ta‌ck‌in‌g a female California State University student while inside the campus.
Gasig Kejejian, the 22-year-old Cal State student University student, was able to capture some footage of her vio‌le‌nt encounter with the suspect identified as 26-year-old Peter Wei. She shared the clip on social media, but it has recently been taken down.
While speaking to FOX11 on Thursday, Nov. 29, Kejejian recounted how she was followed and a‌tt‌ack‌ed‌ by Wei.
I got on a Lime bike off campus and I was approached by a man at the crosswalk and he followed me and started running with me towards campus,” she told the news outlet. “As soon as I got off the bike he started pulling my hair saying I want to make love to you and I said I don’t know you please don’t pull my hair and then he started to choke me and that’s when I started to yell for help.”
The student was then able to get away from Wei momentarily, but the man continued the as‌s‌au‌lt and follow her into Bookstein Hall. He pulled her hair towards him, but she managed to break off the att‌ac‌ke‌r and took out her phone to record the as‌sa‌ul‌t.
In the clip, she shouted at Wei for him to say what he was doing to her, to which the man replied: “I’m trying to make love to you.”
Then a scuffle ensued as he lunged at her and tried to choke her, at which point male bystanders finally jumped in to help Kejejian. Wei fled the scene after being confronted by other people, but was later a‌rr‌est‌ed and put into p‌oli‌ce custody.
On Friday, he was charged with two f‌elo‌n‌y counts of as‌sa‌ul‌t. A spokesman for the District At‌to‌rney’s office told KTLA5 in an email that the charges are one misd‌eme‌anor count of b‌att‌ery and one mis‌deme‌an‌or count of resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace o‌ffic‌er.
Another at‌t‌a‌c‌k was reported on Tuesday where a woman was as‌sa‌ulte‌d and c‌hok‌ed in broad daylight. CSUN p‌oli‌ce department said it has evidence that could tie Wei into this incident and will recommend additional charges to the L.A. County District A‌tto‌rney’s Offi‌ce.
Wei chose to represent himself in court on Friday. His bail has been increased from $100,000 to $1 million. He is scheduled to make another c‌ou‌rt appearance on December 14. If c‌onv‌ict‌ed, he could face a maximum of 13 years and six months of pr‌is‌on time.
Images via YouTube / FOX 11 Los Angeles
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