LA man pleads guilty to stalking, sending threats about Asians, Jews

LA man pleads guilty to stalking, sending threats about Asians, JewsLA man pleads guilty to stalking, sending threats about Asians, Jews
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Bryan Ke
January 31, 2024
A San Fernando Valley man has pleaded guilty to one count of stalking that involved sending threatening messages that targeted Asian and Jewish people.
In a nutshell: Andre Morrow Lackner, 35, of Northridge, Los Angeles, admitted to harassing a victim for 14 months in his guilty plea Monday, the Justice Department announced. The threats, which were sent from June 2021 to October 2022, caused the victim to fear for her and her family’s safety.
How it started: Court documents revealed that Lackner began sending the victim antisemitic and anti-Asian messages after she told him that she would report him for sending concerning text messages, including one that stated, “I feel like the only choice in life left, after I lose my mom, is to either shoot myself or take a lot of people with me because I’ll never have friends again.” The victim initially encouraged Lackner to seek help but opted to report him out of concern for his own safety and of those around him.
What he sent: Some anti-Asian messages Lackner sent read: “We need to start more Asian hate and wipe these alien gooks off the planet too” and “You can say whatever you want about n*ggers and w*tbacks nobody cares, but dare speak up about ‘chang’ or ‘shalom’ and you’re canceled.”
Meanwhile, his antisemitic messages included “Would you like to celebrate the next synagogue shooting?” and “I will make sure I kill a Jew before I leave this Earth.”
What authorities are saying: U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada vowed his office will “remain steadfast in standing up to hate and working to unite our community.” He also said they must hold into account those who make “vile, antisemitic and racist threats that put victims in fear for their lives.”
Meanwhile, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office Donald Alway advised people to contact police and make a report if they are a victim of stalking.
What’s next: Lackner has been in custody since December 2022. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 3 and faces up to five years in federal prison.
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