North Korean Travel Agency Hilariously Fails at Trying to Seduce Japanese Tourists on Twitter

North Korean Travel Agency Hilariously Fails at Trying to Seduce Japanese Tourists on Twitter

September 12, 2017
A travel agency in North Korea is trying to get Japanese tourists to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) by using local attractions and what seems to be North Korea’s version of “Dragon Ball.”
JS Tours, a North Korean travel specialists agency, used Twitter to attract Japanese tourists to come visit the country, promoting, “North Korea is a safe country! No terrorism, no thieving, no earthquakes,” according to SoraNews24.
As a courtesy to prospective tourists, the agency’s tweets have all been posted in Japanese. One post showed women in colorful dresses with a caption saying kawaiine, which is presumed to be kawaii ne (“Cute Isn’t it?”).
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Another actually drew flack from one netizen for the woman’s appearance of having too much makeup on.
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The netizen replied to the image by saying, translated by SoraNew24, “That’s some thick makeup.” The travel agency shot back by saying, “So what.”
Then, there is also a promotional picture showing an amusement park ride, but the people depicted in the image appear to be older.
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Part of the company’s itinerary for the tour includes a quick look into the country’s 4.26 Animated Film Studio, the creator of the anime “The Boy General” which is said to be similar to Japan’s “Dragon Ball”.
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While the other tweets seem to be quite standard in terms of tourist spots, one of the company’s previous posts have generated quite the controversy.
Just two days after the missile scare in JapanJS Tours tweeted about celebrating the country’s successful missile launch that happened back in July. “Wow. Special-edition stamps are being printed again,” it wrote in Japanese.
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North Korea has also opened its doors to Russian tourists. However, the tour was organized by a Russian company that’s officially licensed by the North Korean government.
Image via Wikimedia Commons / Michael Day (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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