North Korean soldier in shiny blue bodysuit upstages Kim Jong-un at military photo op

North Korean soldier in shiny blue bodysuit upstages Kim Jong-un at military photo op

October 13, 2021
A photo taken of Kim Jong-un and 30 North Korean soldiers during an exhibition generated buzz on social media due to one soldier in a skin-tight blue suit.
“Captain DPRK”: In a military exhibition of weapons systems on Monday, an unidentified, blue-clad man upstaged Kim Jong-un on social media after their state military photograph was published the next day.
  • While Kim wore a Western-style suit and his soldiers were in olive green uniforms, one soldier was dressed in a skin-tight, superhero-like blue suit accompanied by a pointy helmet with red, white and blue.  
  • According to the Associated Press, North Korea state media did not identify the blue-clad man. The purpose of his attire also remains unclear. 
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  • However, Jeffrey Lewis, an expert at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, tweeted pictures of what looks like the blue-clad man and said, “It seems he’s the parachutist.”
  • There were other images of Kim watching jets flying in formation during an air show. But most of the attention of social media was centered on the blue-clad soldier, with some users calling him “Captain DPRK,” “rocket man” and a “superhero.” 
 Twitter reactions: The soldier has also become the center of mockery for Twitter users in South Korea and the U.S. as people joked about his “human cannonball” appearance.
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  • One user compared his attire to that of Captain America’s and tweeted, “Captain North Korea” with the state military photograph.  
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  • “Kim Jong-un must be hearing very positive reports on this soldier. Appears to have let him know that the future looks bright,” one joked on Twitter
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  • Another user tweeted, “Haven’t you heard? That’s Captain DPRK, North Korea’s first super soldier!” in reply to Jeffrey Lewis’s tweet that read, “I have more questions” referring to the man in blue.  
Featured Image via CBS News (left) @ArmsControlWonk (right)
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