North Korean Cheerleaders Set New Standards for #SquadGoals at the Olympics

The North Korean cheer squad is definitely a sight to behold at this year’s Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

The 229-strong contingent are all women believed to be in their 20s, and carefully selected by the regime to cheer for their national team.

The group is significantly larger than the 22 athletes who are competing in figure skating, hockey, skiing, and speed skating for North Korea.

Dubbed by netizens as Kim Jong Un’s “Army of Beauties”, the women have been widely talked about on social media.

Footages of these epic routines have also gone viral on multiple video-sharing platforms.

They have caught everyone’s attention with their perfectly choreographed moves and powerful chants.

The group is so impressive that spectators would end up watching the women sing, dance, clap, and yell in perfect unison while cheering for their team.

There is no question that if cheering was an actual event at the Olympics, the North Koreans would take home the gold medal.

Feature image via YouTube/Financial Times

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