North Korean Cheerleader Accidentally Claps for Americans During Olympic Skating

By now, people all over the world have become very familiar with North Korea’s cheerleading squad — the famed beauties who applaud excitedly and sing enthusiastically for their fellow countrymen on the field, rink, and slopes.

Typically, the women only cheer for the North Korean athletes; the minute another country appears, they act disinterested an fall silent… usually.

However, a Japanese news station captured one North Korean cheerleader clapping for an American team, only to be immediately shushed by her colleague.

Initially, the squad was going wild, shouting excitedly and waving their country’s flags in show of support for North Korean skaters Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sok. But the minute American figure skaters Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim stepped onto the ice, they stopped, giving the cameras a dead pan, bored expression…

…save for one woman who couldn’t help but clap — just a little.

North Korean Cheerleaders

In what seemed like a completely uncharacteristic move, the woman was genuinely clapping for the American team, only to be subtly nudged by the woman seated next to her. Confused, she looked at her neighbor, almost as if she was unsure why she was stopped. The woman appeared to mutter something under her breath to the naive cheerleader — probably the Korean equivalent of “seriously, you need to stop,” and the exchange ended.

Rumors about the North Korean regime being very unforgiving to this kind of behavior perpetrated by their own are well-known, and there is a concern that this woman or her family may be in danger; hopefully, that isn’t the case, and she is not punished for what appears to be a slight lapse in judgement.

Featured Image via YouTube / ヨム ヨム

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