North Korea Politely Asks China to Stop Calling Kim Jong Un ‘Kim Fatty III’

North Korea Politely Asks China to Stop Calling Kim Jong Un ‘Kim Fatty III’
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 16, 2016
An official request reportedly coming from the North Korean government asked China to stop referring to their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, as Jin San Pang (金三胖) or Kim Fatty III in any public conversations.
Apparently some Chinese have preferred to call him by such a moniker instead of his actual Chinese name, Jin Zheng En (金正恩).
According to the Apple Daily (via Shanghaiist), the request was made on November 10 and it seems that Beijing immediately complied. RocketNews24 confirmed in a report that a search on the Chinese search engine Baidu for Kim Fatty III would yield no result.
Not cowering from the apparent “blackout,” some Chinese netizens started brainstorming other possible replacements for “Kim Fatty III”.
Many have suggested some creative alternatives such as Jin Pang Pang (Kim Fat Fatty) or Jin San Fei (Kim Abundant III). If the new names catch on, then North Korean officials might want to prepare and be a step ahead by coming up with their own list of other potential nicknames that the Chinese might think of next.
Netizens must remember, however, that shaming people for their appearance is not right and should not be condoned, unless of course, he’s a brutal dictator like Kim Fat Fatty.   
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