Inside The Ultra-Private Teen Girl Sex Parties For The North Korean Elite

In North Korea, schoolgirls as young as 13 years old are allegedly selected and plucked out of society and forced to join the Gippeumjo, or the “pleasure squad,” a group of entertainers trained to pleasure a small military circle of North Korea’s elite.
Soldiers pick the young girls at random, have their medical history examined to ensure health and virginity and then draft them to be part of the ultra-secret group made up of 2,000 North Korean girls, Fox News reported. Once drafted, the girls are no longer allowed to get in touch with their relatives in any way. Their families are told that the girls are taking part in “important government projects.”
The members are reportedly separated and trained to perform one of three specialized tasks – a group for sexual services, another for giving massages, and one for singing and dancing.
Most North Koreans are not aware of the group’s existence and knowledge of it comes mainly from defectors who were able to escape the group.
One such defector is Mi-Hyang, a former squad member who spent two years of “service” under the late Kim Jong-il.
After her successful escape to South Korea, she told Marie Claire in 2010 that she was barely 15 years old when two soldiers stormed her classroom and took her without warning.
The men had Mi-Hyang’s school records and family history thoroughly reviewed. After the assessment, she was tasked to spend a decade servicing then President Kim Jong-il.
According to Mi-Hyang, members of the pleasure squad must be virgins, under 5.5 feet tall, without any scars or blemishes, and have a soft, feminine voice.
Rigorous training programs take place immediately after drafting. For massage training, some girls are sent to Hong Kong. The chosen performers are also sent abroad to train in professional singing and dancing.
A North Korean defector named Jang Jin-Sung revealed in his 2015 memoir “Dear Leader: Poet, Spy, Escapee – A Look Inside North Korea,” the existence of the “Section Five” girls, a group of the most attractive North Korean girls.
The group is reportedly tasked to service Kim Jong-un exclusively, overseeing the leader’s every basic need from food to entertainment. He wrote:
“After selection, the girls undergo an annual physical inspection to check for disease and to make sure they’re still virgins. At sixteen, when the girls finish middle school, the regional branches of Section Five make a selection from among them.
“The ones who make it through to the final round are sent for a year’s training and then dispatched throughout the country.
“Most of them go into arranged marriages with personal guards or senior cadres cleared to work in foreign affairs. Some even go on to become cadres themselves. Section Five manages the whole operation.”
Kim Jong Un’s assassinated cousin Lee Il-Nam also wrote about the existence of the pleasure squad in the memoir “Kim Jong-il’s Royal Family” that he penned before he died. In the book, he narrated that there were regular sex and alcohol parties that would often last until 3 a.m. at the North Korean leader’s palace.
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