North Korea Just Launched Their Own Version Of Netflix and It’s All Kim Jong Un

North Korea Just Launched Their Own Version Of Netflix and It’s All Kim Jong Un
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 23, 2016
North Koreans can now binge-watch a variety of documentaries featuring their supreme leader Kim Jong Un in a service similar to Netflix — sort of.
The North Korean government-sanctioned video-on-demand service named Manbang will soon be offered to the North Korean citizens, NK News reported.
Manbang, which means “everywhere” in Korean, will allow people to stream feature videos about Kim Jong Un. It also reportedly plans to provide educational programs about the Russian and English language.
As an added bonus, subscribers will also be able to read Rodong Sinmun, a state-run newspaper, and watch the Korean Central News Agency, a local propaganda network.
The service requires a box set (similar to an Apple TV), which is connected to an internet modem. An HDMI cable is also attached from the cable box to the television.
While the promotional video from KCTV touts the device as on-demand, a nationwide roll-out of the service is highly unlikely. Considering that only a tiny percentage of the country has internet access, only a few thousand North Koreans out of its total of 25 million population will be able to enjoy the service.
“The information and communications (IOT) technology is based upon two-way communications,” engineer Kim Jong Min, the man behind the project, was quoted as saying.“If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer… this is two-way communications.”
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