North Korea Just Called for Unification with South Korea

North Korea Just Called for Unification with South KoreaNorth Korea Just Called for Unification with South Korea
In a recent address far from the standard nuclear accomplishments and threats against enemies, North Korea called for the unification of “all Koreans at home and abroad” without external interference.
The announcement on January 25 came after a joint meeting between Pyongyang and Seoul.
Kim Jong Un
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According to Reuters, it urged all Koreans to “promote contact, travel, cooperation between North and South Korea,” adding that Kim will “smash” everything that goes against such plans.
The announcement also pointed that joint military exercises with “outside forces” have not helped in the reunification of the Koreas, specifically calling for Seoul to stop drills with the U.S. “forever.”
“The South Korean authorities should stop the war games with the U.S. forever and refrain from introducing the U.S. nuclear strategic assets and aggression forces to South Korea,” North Korea said.
Korean president
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According to Fox News, the idea of unification received backlash earlier this week when the unifying flag was waved to promote the upcoming “peace Olympics.”
However, South Koreans commented that the use of “sports diplomacy” is merely a waste of time, as it is a dated strategy.
United Korea
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In a 2017 Unification Perception Survey conducted by Seoul National University, 53.8% of South Koreans believe that unification is necessary, but 24.7% think it’s impossible.
Meanwhile, only 2.3% are convinced that unification is possible “within 5 years.” Some 13.6% believe it can happen “within 10 years.”
North Korean Olympics
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Nonetheless, the Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang on February 9 will see both Koreas playing under the unification flag. A North Korean delegation composed of officials and ice hockey players already crossed the DMZ on Thursday to start training.
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