North Korea Apparently Challenges America to a Dance Off and We’re SO READY

North Korea Apparently Challenges America to a Dance  Off and We’re SO READY
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 2, 2017
North Korea has just released a military propaganda video that effectively shows off a shocking secret weapon: its military’s mad dancing skills.
In the impressive, yet still kinda terrifying clip, North Korean men in uniform can be seen gracefully executing an elaborate dance choreography featuring flawless pirouettes and backflips that could even rival the moves of the Kinjaz or the Jabbawockeez.
The extremely patriotic performance, posted on the North Korean state news agency DPRK Today’s website last Thursday, seems to pose a ‘dance off challenge’ to North Korea’s enemies, Gizmodo noted in jest.
Previous propaganda videos produced by Kim Jong Un’s regime have contained simulations of nuclear attacks on San Francisco and U.S. territory Guam. One clip even showed President Trump standing in a graveyard.
It should be noted that the military dance, performed to the tune of upbeat music, is not without the usual weapon-brandishing North Korean propaganda is known for. Throughout the performance, there are still actual clips of explosions interspersed with the graceful movement on stage.
Although the concept of a dance-off may indeed be an interesting solution to end an international conflict, it is highly unlikely that this video is intended to force the United States to come up with its own musical production.  The purpose of the perplexing video was most probably to serve as a morale boost for the troops or even intended solely for Kim Jong Un’s entertainment.
Watch the full video here:
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