This Unfortunate Chinese University Science Building Looks Like A Giant Toilet

A new building resembling a giant toilet bowl was recently completed in China. The worst part? It’s supposed to be a university science building.    
The toilet shape of the building is so undeniable that even the government-run People’s Daily reported that the building looks like a huge crapper.
The eye-catching architectural marvel, situated at the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power in Heinan, China, is fully funded by the Chinese government because NCWU is a public university.
While the reason for the the eerie look of the construction is still unknown, some observers have accused the architect of intentionally making the building look gross. According to Shanghaiist, it is possible that the unique “crappy” design was intentional based on the school’s name. Still unused at the moment, the building is reportedly going to be used for student employment services.
Most netizens did not mind the unfortunate design of the structure with many even complimenting the architect for his sense of humor.
“The architect really had a sense of humor,”said one comment.
“From a fengshui standpoint, the design is very auspicious. We should give it some time,” another netizen commented.
Earlier this year, the Chinese government ordered a ban on the construction of “weird buildings” after public criticisms of the People’s Daily Headquarters that looked like a phallus and the new Beijing airport that looked like a giant open vagina.
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