‘Kind and Generous’ Pizzeria Owner, 56, Brutally Beaten By Thieves in Pennsylvania

‘Kind and Generous’ Pizzeria Owner, 56, Brutally Beaten By Thieves in Pennsylvania‘Kind and Generous’ Pizzeria Owner, 56, Brutally Beaten By Thieves in Pennsylvania
Ryan General
February 25, 2021
A 56-year-old pizzeria owner in Norristown, Pennsylvania was violently attacked by a group of men who stole beers from her shop on Friday.
Ying Ngov, the owner of Mama Venezia’s Pizzeria, reportedly ran after the men after they took the items from her business without paying, reports 6ABC.
Security footage initially showed the attackers looking through the windows of Ngov’s pizza shop before they all put on masks and entered the store. The clip then shows the men running out and then Ngov going after them.
Ngov, who is originally from China, narrated, “I say, ‘You don’t pay for beer yet’ and they walked out. They don’t want to pay. They keep running. So I run too.”
Realizing that she was outnumbered, Ngov took her neighbor’s snow shovel as she approached the men. 
“I protect myself. I know, maybe, they were going to hit me,” Ngov was quoted as saying.
When one of the men shoved her to the ground, Ngov got right back up.
The men continued to brutally attack the old woman, with one man’s punch to the face sending her back to the ground. Ngov reportedly blacked out as the suspects continued to beat on her while she was down.
“I don’t know nothing from when they beat me up until I get up,” said Ngov. 
Her regular customers have known Ngov to be a “kind and generous woman.” Neighbor Wendy Quarels shared that Ngov’s store would always accommodate people who didn’t have enough money.
Even with her face now all bruised and swollen, Ngov just wants to get paid for the beers that the men took.
“Don’t do bad like that because people work hard every day,” Ngov said when asked what she would want to say to her attackers.
However, her son-in-law Bryan Skipper wants the men arrested for their crimes, noting that he hopes the attack wasn’t racially motivated.
“You hear things on the news where some people who are of Asian descent they keep to themselves, they try not to cause trouble. I hate to think that was the reason,” the former Marine said.
The case is currently under investigation by the Norristown police and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.
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Feature Image via 6abc
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