Japanese Comedian Goes Viral Again For Epic Table Cloth Trick Because of Norman Reedus

“The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus shared an Instagram video on Christmas showing a half-naked man lying on the floor with a red tablecloth and cups strategically placed on his chest and groin.


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Happy holidays everyone ❤️

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The man featured in the video is none other than Japanese entertainer Kazuhisa Uekusa, who gained massive fame for his tablecloth trick and for appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent” earlier this year.


Reedus’ holiday greetings to his more than 6.1 million followers were well received, and some suggested that the “Death Stranding” video game star, developed by famed Japanese developer Hideo Kojima, should also pull a similar stunt, SoraNews24 reported.

There is a slim chance of Reedus pulling off Uekusa’s trick, so fans decided to take the whole situation into their own hands.

One of Reedus’ followers, tavako96, edited a video by placing the actor’s face on top of Uekusa’s, making the 49-year-old look like he is pulling the same tablecloth trick.


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requested by @tiltedtripod1 😏👌🏻 #teacupman #normanreedus

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Meanwhile, Uekusa was delighted when he found out that Reedus shared his Christmas video on his Instagram account.

In his tweet, Uekasa said, “I posted my videos on Norman Reedus’ s Instagram! thank you,” or “Norman Reedus posted my video on his Instagram account!”

Featured Image via Instagram / bigbaldhead (Left), Twitter / uespiiiiii (Right)

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