‘Norigami Tacos’ is Basically If Mexican and Japanese Food Had a Super Hot Baby

‘Norigami Tacos’ is Basically If Mexican and Japanese Food Had a Super Hot Baby
Khier Casino
February 21, 2017
Norigami Tacos in Los Angeles has taken classic Japanese and Mexican dishes to the next level with Asian-inspired fillings and toppings all stuffed in a tempura nori (seaweed) taco shell.
The company has only been around for less than a year, setting up food booths at festivals and events, according to RocketNews24.
But they set up a crowdfunding page on February 7 to help them open their very own shop.
We will be situated in Orange County and plan to open by May 2017, just in time for our 1st anniversary,” Norigami’s GoFundMe page says.
According to their official website, here’s how the “sushi nori taco was born”: “It all started one (slightly drunken) night when our chef was working a late shift at her part-time cooking job at the local sushi restaurant. With nothing to look forward to but a slow night, bored experimentation began. As somewhat of a joke, a sheet of nori was dipped into tempura batter and dropped into the fryer. We added some leftover sushi rice, krab mix, and whatever sushi scraps we got our hands on and TA-DAH!
Norigami has a wide-ranging variety of tacos including a tempura shrimp taco.
They also introduced the Ramen Noritaco earlier this year with chashu pork and noodles.
Here’s a shoutout to Spongebob Squarepants with the Mr. Krabs taco, which consists of crab meat and spicy mayo and citrus ponzu sauce.
For those who prefer wraps, try the crispy sushi burritos:
Norigami is still a young business but we’re hoping they’ll expand in the future and open a branch in the East Coast, the way San Francisco-based Sushirrito did in summer 2016.
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