Woman Gang-Raped and Murdered After Being Carried Out of Bar by ‘Friends’ in Thailand

Woman Gang-Raped and Murdered After Being Carried Out of Bar by ‘Friends’ in ThailandWoman Gang-Raped and Murdered After Being Carried Out of Bar by ‘Friends’ in Thailand
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June 1, 2018
Thailand has been rocked after recent reports of a horrific gang-rape and murder of a young woman.
The victim, 21-year-old Nong Gift, had been watching the Champions League football final at a local bar with friends last Saturday in Chanthaburi, Thailand. The woman, who had been drinking, passed out in the bar. Family members claim she had been drugged, according to Daily Mail.
At approximately 2:00 a.m., four men, one of whom knew the victim, offered to take the woman home. Her friends believed them to be her friends and let her go.
The four men, along with on of her friends, carried the victim out of the bar and loaded her on the back of a pick-up truck. The group of men drove her to a secluded fruit orchard where she was repeatedly raped and eventually beaten to death. The woman was found dead later that night.
The suspects, all of whom were caught on CCTV leaving the bar, were identified as Nattaphong Saenkraud, Patti Boonthal, Panya Chan Somdee and Suitsit Jaechim. By Wednesday, the group had confessed their crime and assisted the police in a re-enactment.
“Her body was found with foam around her mouth, a nose bleed and part of her clothes on the floor,” Police Major General Charn Jitjunjun explained.
Nong Gift, who worked as a cosmetics vendor, had been at the bar with three other women that night who left earlier, noting that she “didn’t seem very drunk” when they left her.
One of her friends, Airziz Opachat, told the media after the tragic discovery:
I’m sorry. If we knew that last night was the last time we were together I would have taken care of you better. I’m sorry I did not take care of you better.
“Nong already knew one of the men. She was friendly with everyone. It was normal for her to be out chatting with people.
“I thought that she had arrived with these men and was friends with them.”
Thai police are currently conducting post-mortem examinations to determine if Nong was drugged and her exact cause of death.
Meanwhile, locals are outraged with the police reporting that an angry mob tried to attack the accused men during the crime reenactment investigation.
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