Nokia is Bringing Back the Best Phone Ever Made in the History of Man

In the year 2000, Nokia released the 3310, possibly  without a doubt the best phone of all time. 

It had the most classic game ever — Snake never needed a data plan to play.

The batteries lasted FOREVER! Seriously, they just wouldn’t quit.

The 3310s were also known to be virtually indestructible.

For some reason, we now live in a world of phones that will crack at the slightest drop.

We’d be lucky if our phones last more than half a day without having to be charged.

Fortunately, it’s comeback season for the glory days of the 3310…

…Because Nokia is bringing it BACK!

The phone will cost around $62 and will be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 26. We have yet to know whether Nokia will release the classic phone as is, or if there will be some new functionalities built in.

But needless to say, we’re excited AF!

Source: Venture Beat

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