Nissan’s Collision Avoidance Demonstration Ends in… a Collision

A feature demo of a Nissan’s anti-collision capabilities at a Chinese auto show resulted, ironically, in an unfortunate crash.

According to Daily Mail, the Japanese car manufacturer was showing off the collision avoidance feature of its brand new Nissan Rogue at the annual Spring Auto Show in the southwestern city of Dazhou, China when the unthinkable happened.

Failing to brake automatically as configured, the vehicle was caught on camera driving right into the hostess of the demonstration program, pushing her back 10 feet before stopping. The woman, who thankfully only sustained some bruises, was immediately sent to a nearby hospital for check-ups.

The show was intended to introduce Nissan’s forward emergency braking software. According to the brand’s official website, the new system has the ability to detect obstacles and help drivers avoid collisions by automatically braking.

Organizers of the presentation later claimed that the system failed to work in the demo due to a staff’s “improper operation.” The company did not release any further details explaining the error.

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