Watch: Self-driving ‘car’ that delivers ramen on the counter with no spills to dine-in customers

Nissan ramen
  • As a part of its e-4ORCE RAMEN Counter research project, Japanese automobile company Nissan has developed a self-driving car that delivers bowls of ramen to customers.
  • The car is designed to be around the same size as a large shoebox and includes a wooden tray on top to hold the ramen.
  • After the chef prepares the food, they place the bowl on the tray, and the car drives itself to deliver it to the designated customer.
  • Nissan used an e-4ORCE electric motor that allows the vehicle to deliver the ramen without any spills or mishaps at high speeds.
  • The same electric motor is used in some of Nissan’s normal-sized vehicles, such as the Ariya electric car.

Japanese automobile company Nissan has created a self-driving car that automatically delivers ramen to dine-in customers.

The vehicle was designed with the company’s new e-4ORCE electric motor and is approximately the size of a large shoebox with a wooden tray built on top. Using two motors to operate the all-wheel driving system, the vehicle is able to make quick stops and turns without spilling the ramen’s contents.

Once the chef finishes preparing the ramen, they then place it on top of the self-driving car, which automatically drives itself to deliver the food to the customer. 

Showcasing the technology’s quick speed and smooth performance, Nissan uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel to demonstrate how the self-operated delivery vehicle works.

The e-4ORCE motor and all-wheel control technology was purportedly designed for precision and performance. The ramen vehicle, as a result, is able to speed around the counter without spilling any soup, demonstrating the accuracy of the motor.   

The Nissan e-4ORCE electric motor is set to debut in the U.S. later this year on the 2023 Ariya electric crossover vehicle.  

Featured Image via Nissan

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