Nintendo Seemingly Gave Luigi a ‘Bulge’ and the Internet is Breaking

The internet doesn’t seem to be able to handle Nintendo’s commitment to detail; first it was Mario’s nipples in a speed run mode in “Super Mario Odyssey,” and now it’s Luigi’s bulge in “Mario Tennis Aces”.

Luigi’s clothed salami was revealed in Nintendo’s latest released screenshot of the sidekick brother wearing tight tennis shorts, according to The Daily Dot.

After zooming in the picture — because haha why not — eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that Luigi is…packing.

This, of course, led to insane reactions from users on Twitter:

While everyone lost their minds over Green Mario‘s girth, one user casually reminded everyone that Luigi once bragged about being gifted down there when compared to his older brother Mario.

And surprisingly, it’s true — but hey, it’s the internet, so Rule #34 or #36 I guess.

Now that the existence of Luigi’s sausage is finally out of the bag, so to speak, netizens decided it was necessary to determine how big is it exactly.

They did not disappoint.

“Some rough work reveals that Luigi may be close to four inches flaccid, although this is a) simply one interpretation of which way his dick is resting, b) therefore is merely an educated guess as to length, c) does not account for any level of partial erection, & d) reveals little to nothing about his erect measurement,” a user on Tumblr wrote.

While some complained about Luigi’s length, one user basically mic-dropped this bit of information:

Just…thanks Nintendo.

Luigi glare gif


Featured image via YouTube / GameXplain

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