Nintendo is Offering Internship Opportunities in Washington and California

Nintendo is Offering Internship Opportunities in Washington and California
Ryan General
December 12, 2019
Nintendo fans who have been dreaming of being a part of the company now have a chance to make that dream into a reality.
Nintendo of America is currently offering a variety of new internship opportunities that anyone can now check out on its careers page.
Based on the listing, most of the internship positions made available are located at the company’s office in Redmond, Wash., including engineering positions such as “Graphics Software Engineer,” “Cloud Tools Software Engineer,” and “IT Quality Software Engineer.” The site also offers analytics, UI and finance positions.
Meanwhile, there are also two vacancies at their Redwood City, Calif. office, consisting of internships for “Retail Marketing & Strategy” and “Social Media Marketing.”
Descriptions of the job duties and expected skills are specified in each post. Do note that most of these positions require a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.
The listing is getting attention online after a person who claims to have been a previous intern posted a link to the job openings on Reddit.
“This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in working for Nintendo in the future,” Redditor Jeezy1296 wrote.
“Please keep in mind that two positions, Retail Marketing & Strategy and Social Media Marketing, require applicants to live in the San Francisco/Bay Area. I am a former intern so if any hopeful applicant has any questions about my experience, feel free to DM me!”
“Good luck to all who apply! If you feel like you might not have what it takes, apply anyways. The worst they can say is no,” the user added.
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