‘World’s Sexiest Dental Nurse’ in Taiwan Has People Faking Toothaches to See Her

Patients have been lining up at a dental clinic in Taiwan to meet Ning Chen, now hailed as the “World’s Sexiest Dental Nurse.”

Chen, 25, has won the internet’s love with her charming looks and impressive physique.

Chen started working at a Taichung-based dentistry chain called Dr. Min earlier this year.

Since then, she has attracted countless patients, many of them males faking their toothaches.

With more than 32,000 followers on Instagram now, Chen can only be thankful for the love she’s getting. The Sun quoted her as saying:

“I can’t believe they say I’m the most beautiful dental nurse in the world. I’m so happy with all of the appreciation from people. I have a lot of gratitude for their love.”

“It’s funny for me. I enjoy the work, especially the teeth whitening,” she added.

Those aiming for Chen’s heart are up for a major bad news, however, because she already has a boyfriend!

Still, the real-life tooth fairy is excited to accommodate everyone queuing for fillings and root canals.

Without a doubt, Chen joins our list of beautiful health professionals who can take care of us anytime of the day!

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