Trans Instagrammer Sparks ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Debate Over Pink Dreadlock Wig

Trans Instagrammer Sparks ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Debate Over Pink Dreadlock WigTrans Instagrammer Sparks ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Debate Over Pink Dreadlock Wig
Ryan General
May 18, 2018
A popular social media influencer of Asian-Mexican descent has sparked criticism online for wearing a pink dreadlock wig in her recent Instagram post.
Known by her Instagram alias Nikita Dragun, the popular transgender star is being accused by netizens of cultural appropriation after posting a photo from her recent trip to Japan.
Flaunted in the post captioned “this is what luv looks like,” her hairstyle of choice did not sit well with some commenters who say her wig appropriated black culture.
“This would b cute but you can’t wear dreads unless ur black 💖💖 so please, step off the cultural appropriation queen,” one commenter wrote.
“Seriously. Like wtf with the dreads,” another one chimed in. “THE DREADS ARE A NO FROM ME SIS. Disappointing.”
“Not sure what’s so cute abt appropriation🤔 but ok,” one user added.
A commenter further claimed that “black people were forced to use hairstyles such as dreads, braids, twists, and cornrows, etc. to “tame their hair” … hair is definitely something black people struggled with.”
Another wrote that “Black ppl wear dreads for cultural significance n protection. It has the most meaning in ours’s our culture lol.”
In response to the criticisms, many commenters tried to defend Dragun by pointing out the origins of dreadlocks.
“This photo is cute and that was the heart of this photo I imagine!” an Instagram user pointed out. “Before people of any race try to use the word “appropriation” please make sure you’re educated enough in your response! Locs are not ethnic specific, one of the oldest recorded accounts of loc hair folk was in India and to this day most Indian shamans have locks, along with some middle eastern cultures, who cultivate that type of hairstyle, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful! How are people so angry that you troll over hair! Anyway, LOVE ALWAYS WINS.”
“1. EGYPTIANS were the first to “dread” their hair. [sic] not black people. so if anyone if “appropriating” it’s us,” wrote another. “Same how a lot of people think burritos are Mexican [sic] and they aren’t. 2. [sic] her hair isn’t even in dreads, they literally ARE TWISTS. she posted them.. so learn to state fakes before you falsely accuse someone of cultural appropriation. [sic] you not woke sis. [sic] you ignorant.”
Meanwhile, the majority of the commenters chose to avoid the “cultural appropriation” discussion altogether and instead focused on Dragun’s photo.
Featured image via Instagram / nikita_dragun
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