NIKI releases short film shot in only 5 days

  • Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI dropped her first-ever short film “But I’m Letting Go” on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music on Friday.
  • The film follows the story of NIKI as the character “Nicole” and Peter Adrian Sudarso as “Ben,” the same couple from NIKI’s other music videos “High School in Jakarta,” “Oceans & Engines” and “Before.” 
  • NIKI released her sophomore album “Nicole” on Aug. 12.
  • She will headline her first solo North American tour starting in September in Vancouver.

Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI released her first short film “But I’m Letting Go” on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music on Friday. 

The film, which has a runtime of a little less than 30 minutes, is directed by Isaac Ravishankara and stars NIKI as “Nicole” and Peter Adrian Sudarso as “Ben.” Eagle-eyed NIKI fans will recognize Ravishankara from NIKI’s previous music videos “High School in Jakarta,” “Oceans & Engines” and “Before.”

The Jakarta-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter previously wrote about the film on Instagram, saying: “We shot the whole thing in 5 days and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life, alongside some of the best, most talented human beings I’ve ever encountered and worked with. We decided to call it ‘But I’m Letting Go,’ but it’s also about two people coming together. Inspired by my own life, but somehow also about every relationship. It is truly what makes this particular album so special, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for you guys to see it.”

In a press release about the film, director Ravishankara shared that although “the core story of ‘But I’m Letting Go’ is based on NIKI’s own life, what we set out to make was something much more universal.”

“After all, nearly everyone has had that first love, and for most of us, it didn’t last. But more often than not, it’s not because either person wronged the other in some way, but just that as we grow and change, life has a way of pulling us apart,” he added. “It’s nobody’s fault but distance and time. And yet, knowing that, it’s still always worth trying.”

NIKI’s film is a follow-up to her sophomore album “Nicole,” which was released on Aug. 12. The new album features 12 tracks and several original songs from NIKI’s old YouTube videos that have been re-recorded and remastered. 

To promote the new album, NIKI will embark on her first solo North American tour starting on Sept. 8 in Vancouver and concluding in Los Angeles on Oct. 22. 

Earlier this week, NIKI announced via Twitter she tested positive for COVID-19 and will no longer be performing at 88rising’s Head in the Clouds festival at the Rose Bowl this weekend. Vietnamese American artist Keshi will step in and join other acts such as Rich Brian, Jackson Wang, CHUNG HA, Jay Park, MILLI, Tiger JK and BIBI.


Featured Image via 88rising

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