Nigerian TikToker gets millions of views doing ‘fake Chinese language pranks’

Nigerian TikToker gets millions of views doing ‘fake Chinese language pranks’Nigerian TikToker gets millions of views doing ‘fake Chinese language pranks’
via milano_smith
Ryan General
October 2, 2023
A Nigerian content creator has gained massive popularity on TikTok by speaking gibberish in a fake Chinese accent. 
Viral sensation: Ejikeme Chukwuebuka, known as @milano_smith on TikTok, has accumulated over 79,000 followers and nearly 10 million views since he started posting comedic content in May. His viewership started reaching millions last week after posting his first viral video on Sept. 16. 
In the clip, captioned “Fake China language prank,” Chukwuebuka mimics a phone conversation while lounging by a pool. Beginning with the phrase “Ni Hao ma,” meaning “how are you?” in Chinese, he proceeds to speak a stream of gibberish in a mock Chinese accent. Onlookers appear to be amused by what they hear, with some seen smiling. 
Positive feedback: The video has so far garnered over 5.9 million views as well as thousands of likes and comments. 
“This one made my day. make another one for me” one commenter wrote.
“Wow, I love the fact that it sounded so real,” another said.
“I can’t stop laughing 😆🤣😂” chimed another. 
More Chinese language “pranks”: Chukwuebuka has since produced multiple videos featuring similar “Chinese language pranks,” each set in different scenarios. One of his videos has so far reached 1.2 million views, while another attracted 1.4 million views. 
Basic understanding of Chinese: In an interview with NextShark, Chukwuebuka shares that the majority of the feedback he has received has been positive. He also admitted to having just a basic understanding of the language. 
“I love the Chinese language and I love watching Chinese movies,” he says. “I can speak a little but I would love to learn the full Chinese language.”
Respect for the community: In response to queries about others viewing his content as potentially racist, he stated that he had not encountered any such comments and emphasized his deep respect and affection for the Chinese community. 
“I’m not making fun of them… I love them,” he adds.
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