Model Nicky Park Calls BLM a ‘Terror Group’ After ‘A Lot’ of Online Attacks

Model Nicky Park Calls BLM a ‘Terror Group’ After ‘A Lot’ of Online AttacksModel Nicky Park Calls BLM a ‘Terror Group’ After ‘A Lot’ of Online Attacks
Nicky Park, the model who recently faced backlash for calling Black Lives Matter (BLM) “bullsh*t,” is now calling people from the movement a “terror group.”
Park made her latest remark in another Instagram video, which was posted on her Stories and has since disappeared.
Park’s comment appears to be in response to the volume of hate she had received after her series of controversial Stories went live earlier this week.
“Not to be ‘racist,’ but this whole experience has just kind of made me see how much of a terror group BLM people kind of are,” she stated. “It makes me very, again, resentful and not really wanting to apologize. Just because they’re really … a lot of them that are attacking me are very uneducated and low-class people.”
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In her previous Stories, Park expressed that she is exhausted about the whole movement and that the idea of Asians standing up for Blacks is the “stupidest thing” she has ever seen.
Stressing that “all lives matter” and that “no race is more superior than the other,” Park recalled how African Americans have treated Asian Americans amid the COVID-19 crisis, which partly contributed to the surge in cases of discrimination against the latter group.
“It’s like people have forgotten about how Black people were treating Asians for COVID,” Park said at the time. “I’m just upset at how it’s focused on one minority when sh*t was literally just happening to Asians for COVID but you don’t see us acting out like this.”
Park’s comments soon caught fire from users who accused her of racism. Among them was comedian David So, who labeled her “the notorious ABG.”
“Of course they don’t understand what I’m saying,” Park said in her latest video. “It definitely makes me want to stoop down to their level.”
However, she acknowledged why her attackers want her to apologize. It would be for “wording things in a wrong way” and “making things not as sensitively as I should have.”
Park’s latest photo that enables public commenting has received more than 12,500 replies. NextShark saw less than 6,000 comments before it published the controversy on Tuesday.
Interestingly, Park has now drawn more supportive comments — and many of them from users who claim to be from China.
“I 100% agree with you. Lots of Chinese people heard the story about what you said about the riots currently happening in the U.S. You are a brave girl,” one replied. “Stay safe, god bless you! Big love from China.”
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However, critics have continued to cancel her at the same time.
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