Coffee Entrepreneur Called a ‘Dumbass Chink’ by Speeding Driver in SF

Nick Cho

Nick Cho, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, a coffee roasting company in San Francisco recently shared his encounter with a speeding racist while driving.

Cho shared the details of the incident which took place on Brannan and 2nd street in San Francisco.

“I was driving and turned left onto Brannan and as he was clearly speeding, he had to slow down behind me and leaned on his horn for a while then whipped around in front of me and started to get out of his car,” he said, adding, “I got out of mine. Then he yelled ‘dumbass chink.’”

Cho recalled greeting the man with a “Happy Christmas” before he was called the racial slur.

He then took his phone out to take a picture of the driver, but the phone was knocked out of Cho’s hand, cracking both the front screen and the back.

Cho has not yet released information on the identity of the man or if he has reported the incident to the authorities.

Incidentally, Cho received an email in response to their Craigslist job listing from someone named Eric George Blair Orwell that seems to be directed at Cho’s wife, Trish Rothgeb, who is also the co-founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters.

In an indirect response to the email accusing them of alleged racism, Rothbeg said on Twitter, “We have three very white men working for us who we simply adore. Just in case anyone is wondering.”

Feature Image via @NickCho (Left), @nickcho_ (Right)

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