Crazy Chinese Boss Leads 10 Employees in Supercars on China’s Most Dangerous Road — Not Everyone Makes It

A Chinese boss gifted Maserati sportscars to 10 employees and then led them through the treacherous Sichuan-Tibet Highway to get a point across.
The man, 29-year-old Ni Haishan, gave his employees the cars and drove a $818,000 Ferrari F12 himself, reported Chengdu Business Daily (via Shanghaiist).
His entourage of Italian cars then sped their way through one of the most dangerous and windy roads in China where travelers are likely to experience altitude sickness and near-death experiences.
The risky highway involves rocky terrain, muddy ravines and mountain cliffs.
Though the experience was intended as a company bonding activity, Haishan also wanted to make a point of showing off his fortune. Haishan revealed that flaunting his wealth was a means to convince customers that his business was prosperous and to encourage future investments. He posed the question:
“Is it a problem to flaunt your wealth when you’re rich?”
The journey for the fleet of cars began on March 18. Unfortunately, a driver in what appears to be a Maserati Ghibli sedan was forced off the road not too long after.
Two days later the head boss lost a back wheel on his red Ferrari.
A tow truck came for repairs after some talks with an insurance company. Haishan was soon back on the road.
The trek included crossing the scary Nujiang Bridge with the convoy of cars on March 22.
They also made their way through rocky ravines and the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, which has beautiful scenery.
The group found themselves in Nyingchi county where the peach blossoms were in bloom.
Seven days after embarking on the trip, the Ferrari required another tire replacement.  
Their adventurous trip ended in Lhasa. The Ferrari suffered damage to its three tires and six of the 10 Maseratis were in need of serious repair.
Of the group, only five drivers remained till the very end. They paid a visit to the Kekexili nature reserve as a reward for their efforts.
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