Navy Tech Who Died on the USS Fitzgerald Gets the ‘Nerdiest’ Tombstone Ever

Navy Tech Who Died on the USS Fitzgerald Gets the ‘Nerdiest’ Tombstone EverNavy Tech Who Died on the USS Fitzgerald Gets the ‘Nerdiest’ Tombstone Ever
A Reddit user took to the platform to remember his brother, one of the crew members of the USS
The unfortunate incident, which occurred in the morning of June 17, 2017, saw the destroyer Fitzgerald collide with South Korean-built MV ACX Crystal south of Yokosuka, Japan.
Seven of the Fitzgerald’s crew were reportedly killed in the collision, including its commanding officer, Bryce Benson. It has since been undergoing repairs, while the ACX Crystal, which had an all-Filipino crew, is back in service.
In a post earlier this week, Reddit user OddCyrus shared a picture of the tombstone for his brother, Sonar Technician 3rd Class Ngoc T Truong Huynh, who was only 25.
“My brother’s tombstone after his passing from the USS Fitzgerald. He was a nerd for gaming and a sucker for ‘Game of Thrones.’”
The Navy apparently died on his birthday (per US time).
“He was stationed in Japan and the Navy used Japan’s timezone when determining his death. So for us, he died the same day (around 8 p.m.), but in Japan, it was the 17th,” the user added.
Huynh’s family moved to Connecticut when he was in eighth grade, NBC Connecticut reported. He attended Naugatuck Valley Community College before joining the Navy in 2014.
The family then moved to Oklahoma after his enlistment. His sister, Lan Huynh, told NBC:
“He was a really quiet person. He was also very nice, very selfless. He helped us, the family with a lot. He had the brightest smile.”
The USS Fitzgerald
Speaking to VOA, his mother, Lily Truong, shared that he told her about his struggles as a soldier in their last conversation. Huynh opened up about his intense training that came amid tensions in the Korean peninsula, but he liked his company.
“I think 80% of you are a lifelong soldier,” Lily encouraged her son.
Reddit users have expressed their condolences for his brother’s death.
OddCyrus also responded to a user who asked what the Navy has done in terms of compensating the family.
“The Navy has paid for our trip to Japan for my brother’s memorial. Also, after negotiating with the funeral home, the Navy has also paid for his tombstone. They currently keep in touch with services that are provided for the Gold Star Survivors and the upcoming court case which is occurring in Washington D.C.”
Still, whatever happened that morning of June 17 within Fitzgerald is yet to be clear.
“We are very thankful for their help so far, but as for the negligence of the USS Fitzgerald command, that is something we are tackling.”
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