Hong Kong Model Broadcasts Her Suicide Attempt on Facebook Live

A freelance model in Hong Kong streamed herself while attempting to commit suicide on Monday.

Ng Shuk Yi, also known as YoYo, shared her struggles to a live audience on Facebook for about an hour before jumping into a nearby body of water, Apple Daily reported.

She has more than 3,000 friends and nearly 10,000 followers.

The incident occurred in Kowloon. Viewers reportedly tried to prevent YoYo from killing herself, but none were successful. The 28-year-old model climbed the railing of a warehouse waterfront and took the grim plunge.

She said she “hated” herself.

Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time and saved her from drowning. She was rushed to the hospital.

According to AsiaOne, YoYo apologized for her behavior in another live stream the following day. She said she was under the influence of alcohol during the act:

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but I really forgot what happened.”

YoYo could not be immediately discharged because her body temperature dropped too low.

Footage of her rescue can be viewed below:

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