NFL Unable to Confirm Ex-NFL Assistant Coach’s Allegations of Discrimination During Interview

The NFL officially released a statement on Thursday, saying it is unable to confirm the alleged discriminatory statements made towards Eugene Chung during a coaching position interview.

What happened: Chung, 52, a former NFL offensive lineman and assistant line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, and is of Korean descent, alleged that an interviewer told him he was “not the right minority” they were looking for.

  • In May, NFL said it would review the “completely inappropriate” comment that is “contrary to league values and workplace policies.”

New statement: After reviewing  Chung’s claims and multiple discussions with him and his representative, the League said it could not confirm the “precise statement that was made, or by whom and under what circumstances any such statement was made,” according to the NFL.

  • Though the League wasn’t able to confirm the allegations, it said it would use the “appropriate interview processes and develop diverse, inclusive and respectful workforces on and off the field.”
  • It also said Chung offered his assistance moving forward.

Featured Image via The Boston Globe

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