NextShark Presents Award-Winning Short Film ‘One Last Monster’ by Gene Kim

NextShark Presents Award-Winning Short Film ‘One Last Monster’ by Gene KimNextShark Presents Award-Winning Short Film ‘One Last Monster’ by Gene Kim
NextShark, the leading platform for Asian news and culture, is thrilled to announce the release of the award-winning short animated film “One Last Monster” by acclaimed filmmaker and animator Gene Kim. The 2024 Director’s Cut of the short film will premiere on the “One Last Monster” YouTube channel on June 21.
“One Last Monster” tells the story of the mythical planet of Adin, ruled by the courageous Empress Eura. The inhabitants, including humans, intelligent animals, and giant armored turtles—inspired by historical Korean turtle ships—defend against monstrous alien invaders and internal threats. The film vibrantly fuses Korean traditional culture, history, western sci-fi/fantasy, and anime influences into a fantasy action/adventure epic that is both engaging and culturally enriching.

Gene Kim, known for his impactful storytelling in animation and his work as a storyboard and CG artist with industry giants like Netflix and Disney, brings his deep ties with Korean history and culture to the project as a second-generation Korean-American. Gene animated the film with the help of a small team that included animator Elmer Barcenes and concept artist Eileen Kim over the course of almost two years. The “One Last Monster” short film has captivated audiences worldwide, receiving over 100 combined international film festival awards and official selections, along with significant acclaim. Notably, the film caught the attention of the South Korean President, further underscoring its cultural significance.
“Partnering with Gene Kim to present ‘One Last Monster’ is an honor,” said Benny Luo, Founder and CEO of NextShark. “This film not only entertains but also connects audiences with Asian heritage in a profound way, and we are excited to share it with our global community.”
Gene Kim added, “To me, the original ‘One Last Monster’ short film always felt like a small window into a much more expansive story. I’m thrilled that through this release on the ‘One Last Monster’ YouTube channel, more audiences can discover and enjoy this unique creative vision.”
The release of “One Last Monster” on its dedicated YouTube channel aligns with NextShark’s mission to amplify Asian narratives through innovative media. As interest in the project continues to build, NextShark’s involvement is expected to significantly amplify its reach and impact, helping to entertain and engage audiences while honoring Asian heritage.
Mark your calendars for June 28, 2024, and join us in celebrating this remarkable short film.
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