NextShark is Getting Too Many Reports of Racial Attacks Against Asians, So Here’s Our Solution

NextShark is Getting Too Many Reports of Racial Attacks Against Asians, So Here’s Our Solution
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
March 26, 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has had unprecedented and disastrous effects on Asians around the world as many have responded to the virus with fear-based xenophobia and racism against Asians.
In the past few months, social media has been overwhelmed with personal reports, pictures and videos of harassment, racial discrimination, and even physical violence against Asian Americans. While mainstream media has only just begun to acknowledge the troubling trend, Asian American communities are still pleading for action to be taken to better protect themselves and the most vulnerable among us.
As NextShark continues to verify and report stories of injustice against Asian communities, we must still do more to collect data so we can record the full impact COVID-19-related harassment and violence has had on Asian communities.

We have launched a new INCIDENT REPORT for Asian Americans to log incidents of harassment, discrimination and violence against them.

We are collecting basic information like name, location, time, details of what happened, and if you are planning to file a police report. There is also an option to upload videos and pictures.
All your information will be kept confidential and released only if you give permission for our journalists to contact you and report on your submission to share with the community. This information is VALUABLE and may also be used as evidence to provide initiatives to support Asian American communities in the future.
We thank our fans and community for continuing to support us in these difficult and unbelievable times and wish for everyone to please stay safe, look out for friends, family and the elderly, and to self-isolate and remain healthy.
If you have any questions for us, please contact [email protected].
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