NextShark Launches ‘Yeet Hay’ Shirts To Relive Your Cantonese Childhood

“Don’t eat that! It’s yeet hay!”

If you grew up in a Chinese household, odds are this has been yelled at you while you’re eating something that probably tastes great but isn’t great for you.

Yeet hay, which translates to “hot air” in Cantonese, refers to foods that cause inflammation such as greasy, fried, and spicy foods or the feeling one gets after eating those kinds of food.

Now, we can share this piece of nostalgic culture with the world thanks to the latest collaboration between NextShark and Eastern People, a cultural clothing collective inspired by the rich cultures of all Eastern people.

The tees are made of super soft 100% combed cotton jersey with a baby rib-knit set-in collar.

They also come in slimmer unisex fits, not those over-sized Western fits — it’s designed by and for Asians.

You can snag your own Yeet Hay T-shirt and check out other designs on Eastern People with more designs to come!

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