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Viet immigrant businessman says Oklahoma police ‘illegally’ confiscated over $130,000 of his money

Viet immigrant Oklahoma police sold money

While on their way to buy a plot of farmland, Nang Thai and Weichuan Liu say Oklahoma police “illegally” confiscated the over $130,000 in cash they were carrying after pulling them over on Interstate 40.

What happened: The two New Mexico businessmen were driving along Interstate 40 at 2 a.m. on April 19 when Oklahoma police pulled them over, searched them and their vehicle and confiscated their money, according to NBC News.

Japanese company aims to introduce tipping culture to Japan with ‘tip tickets’

tip project japan

A Japanese company has launched an effort to introduce tipping culture across Japan to motivate employees and help restaurants that suffered losses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Culture introduction: Tip Project is a new Japanese enterprise backed by several Japanese celebrities, including best-selling author Takafumi Horie, comedian Akihiro Nishino and YouTube personality Yoshihito Kamogashira, reported Kotaku.

‘Life is Strange: True Colors’ review bombed by Chinese gamers upset over in-game Tibetan flag

Life is Strange: True Colors tibet

Square Enix’s “Life is Strange: True Colors” was review-bombed last month by Chinese-speaking players after they noticed the Tibetan flag in-game.

What happened: The Tibetan flag was discovered flying on the entrance of the shop named Treasures of Tibet in the game, according to PC Gamer. The feature prompted the players to leave negative reviews on the game’s Steam page, with some of them expressing their views on the One-China policy.

2 Chinese diners refuse to pay restaurant bill after being allegedly angered by US national anthem

chinese men national anthem

Two Chinese men reportedly left a restaurant in California without paying because a group of Chinese American diners sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” during an event.

What happened: The incident occurred inside a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles on Oct. 13, according to World Journal, as translated by Taiwan News. The two men entered the restaurant at around 7 p.m. and left without paying 20 minutes later.

AAPI groups send letter to San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin urging him to recognize anti-Asian hate

chesa boudin aapi groups letter

Nine Asian American and Pacific Islander advocacy groups sent a letter to San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin asking for him to acknowledge hate crimes against AAPIs.

Letter: The California Asian Pacific American Bar Association (Cal-APABA) authored a letter, also co-signed by seven other local and national AAPI organizations, to San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin asking him to address ongoing violence against members of the community.

Sikh hikers use their turbans to save 2 men at risk of drowning in Canada waterfalls

Sikh hikers use turbans to save men Canada

Five hikers were walking along a trail in British Columbia, Canada, when they were alerted that two men had slipped off a rock and fallen into a pool just before the rapids below.

Quick thinking: On Oct. 11, Kuljinder Kinda, a Sikh electrician from Punjab, India, and his friends were hiking in Golden Ears Provincial Park when a group ahead told them to call for help, NBC News reported.

Possible oldest prehistoric art ever known is discovered by Chinese scientists in the ‘roof of the world’

Chinese scientists discover worlds oldest art

Dr. David Zhang and his team of scientists’ discovery of handprints and footprints are being debated over as to whether they are the world’s oldest prehistoric art.  

Fossils on the travertine rock: Dr. David Zhang, a scientist from Guangdong, China, found impressions of handprints and footprints on a travertine rock with his research team in Quesang on the Tibetan Plateau in Oct. 2018, reported Time.

Japanese man is the first suspect ever arrested for using deepfake tech to de-pixelate porn

Japanese man deepfake porn

A Japanese man was arrested on Monday after he effectively removed pixelated parts in censored domestically produced porn videos using artificial intelligence.

Abuse of tech power: Masayuki Nakamoto, a 43-year-old website owner from Hyogo prefecture, was apprehended for using deepfake technology in reversing pixelation in Japanese adult videos and then reselling the videos to willing buyers, reported VICE

‘Somebody made a mistake’: Details on fatal police shooting of man inside his NJ home are released

Asian man fatally shot by officer in Hillsborough

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General has revealed details about the shooting and killing of an Asian man inside his home in Hillsborough during a welfare check on Sept. 28.

What happened: George Kokinakous was identified as the Hillsborough police officer who fatally shot Patrick Chin, 43, inside his home on Piedmont Path at around 4:10 p.m., according to My Central Jersey. Four other officers, identified as Robert Feriello, Thomas Gurba, Kyle Edmonds, and Dylan Ely, were also present at the fatal incident.

Judge rules UNC non-admittance of white and Asian students, race-based admissions not discriminatory

UNC judge ruled race

A federal judge endorsed the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) use of race as a factor in screening applicants after ruling that the university did not discriminate against white and Asian American applicants.

No discrimination: Judge Loretta Biggs ruled on Monday that the UNC’s undergraduate admissions process had not been discriminatory toward specific race groups, reported CNN.