South Korean TV Star Quits After Caught Secretly Filming Women at Train Station

A popular news anchor from South Korea has resigned over allegations that he secretly photographed the “lower area of a woman’s body.” 

Kim Sung-joon, a 55-year-old editorial writer and former top anchor at broadcaster SBS, asked for forgiveness after police caught him in the act at a metro station in Seoul, reports Yonhap news. 

According to the police, they were alerted by a passenger who noticed Kim filming another passenger covertly at a subway station in Yeongdeungpo Ward on Wednesday. 

While he initially denied the allegations, he eventually apologized after an image of the woman was found on his cellphone.

“I apologize for leaving a permanent scar on the victim’s heart,” Kim said in a statement. “I also wish to ask for forgiveness from everyone at SBS, my former workplace, for causing the trouble.”

Kim said he will sincerely cooperate with the investigation and live in remorse “for the rest of his life.”

Kim was booked at the police station for his act but released on the same day. 

Kim has been a part of SBS since 1991, serving as the main anchorman of the news program “SBS 8 News” from 2011 to 2014, and again, from late 2016 to May 2017. He later became an editorial writer at the company in August 2017.

Featured Image from SBS via Hani

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