New Hybe girl group NewJeans wants ‘Attention’ in debut music video

New Hybe girl group NewJeans wants ‘Attention’ in debut music video
Daniel Anderson
July 22, 2022
Hybe’s latest girl group NewJeans made their debut Friday with the music video “Attention.”
The video starts with the group exploring the streets of Spain and gradually showcases the members’ bonds as they come together to perform. 
NewJeans is the first to debut under Hybe’s newest independent label, ADOR (All Doors One Room). Spearheading ADOR is Hybe’s former Chief Brand Officer Min Hee-jin. Prior to joining Hybe in 2019, Min was the visual director at SM Entertainment, helping coin terms like “visual directing” and “concept.” She is the visionary director of SM superstars Girls Generation, F(x), Red Velvet, Shinee and Exo. 
The group consists of Vietnamese member Hani, Korean member Minji — who appeared in BTS’ 2021 hit “Permission to Dance” — Korean-Australian member Danielle, Korean member Haerin and Korean and maknae (youngest) member Hyein, who was a former member of the Kids Planet girl group Usso.Girl under the stage name U.Jeong.
NewJeans will be releasing more tracks and videos leading up to the digital drop of their four-track EP on Aug. 1 at 6 p.m. KST, including the final track “Cookie.” Three of the four tracks are meant to be title tracks. 
The quintet already dropped their music videos for “Hype Boy” on July 23 midnight KST, and the song “Hurt” will drop at the same time on July 25.
The “Hype Boy” release comes as a set of four music videos all featuring different narratives and scenes for the respective members. There is a Minji version, a Hanni version, a Hyein version and a Danielle and Haerin version together. 
In an interview with Be(Attitude) earlier this year about NewJeans, Min Hee jin said the project has been in the works for the last three years.
We held auditions back in September 2019 and by the end of that year, we had completed not only the audition process but the casting as well. The girls have been in training for roughly the last two years, since the beginning of 2020. They will present the direction I’ve had specific plans for a new girl group for a long time.” 
Regarding the group name, Min said, “Popular music is a culture that is very close to daily life, just like the clothes that we wear each day. The name NewJeans carries the goal that the group will one day become icons of today’s generation, just like jeans which never get old and which we want to wear every day, as well as another meaning, ‘New Genes.’”
The debut of Hybe’s latest girl group comes at the heels of the contract termination of Kim Garam, a member of the Hybe subsidiary Source Music girl group Le Sserafim. 
Feature image via Hybe labels
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