NYC Man Who Murdered Mom Over Inheritance Says She ‘took a while to die,’ According to Court

NYC Man Who Murdered Mom Over Inheritance Says She ‘took a while to die,’ According to Court
Ryan General
February 8, 2019
After allegedly slitting his mother’s throat in her apartment, 22-year-old Jared Eng reportedly told his girlfriend that the victim “took a while to die,” court documents revealed.
Eng killed his mother Paula Chin at their Tribeca home in Vestry Street following a fight over an inheritance with his late father, Philip, based on the criminal complaint filed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Thursday.
Eng described how the 65-year-old woman suffered during a speakerphone conversation with 21-year-old Caitlyn O’Rourke after committing the alleged crime, reports the New York Post.
O’Rourke told homicide detectives that Eng also contacted a female friend named Jennifer Lopez to help get rid of the body on Jan. 31.
Lopez allegedly told O’Rourke that she assisted in stuffing Chin’s body into a duffel bag, placing it inside the victim’s SUV, and then hiding the remains at Chin’s weekend home in Morristown, New Jersey.
Lopez also boasted that scrubbing the bloodied apartment was even easier than parking Chin’s Toyota Land Cruiser in front of the building’s door.
Investigators, however, said that they still uncovered a mountain of evidence despite Lopez’s clean-up job.
According to the criminal complaint, a surveillance camera across the street from the victim’s home captured Lopez getting into the Toyota around 12:50 a.m. on Jan. 31.
The footage also showed a person hauling a bag out of the building and throwing it into the car’s trunk after 2:30 a.m.
Forensic investigators also managed to gather blood samples, duct tape, rubber gloves and a set of clothes belonging to Chin between the apartment and the back of the car.
O’Rourke would later join Lopez and Eng at Chin’s Morristown home the next day to help in stuffing the victim’s remains into a garbage can.
O’Rourke admitted to police that she agreed to help dispose of the evidence inside the Tribeca and New Jersey homes after a phone call with her boyfriend and Lopez.
A day after Brandon, Eng’s older brother, reported their mom missing to the NYPD on Feb. 4, investigators found Chin’s decomposing body in the house, along with more duct tape and a pair of bloody gloves.

Police arrested Eng, Lopez, and O’Rourke on Tuesday on charges of tampering with physical evidence and concealment of a human corpse.

As the investigation is still ongoing, none have been charged in the murder yet. Prosecutors, however, are expected to file more serious charges against Eng after the results of Chin’s autopsy is released.
Eng was remanded without bail while his girlfriend was held on $50,000 bail and Lopez was given bail of $100,000 on Thursday.
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