Two Women Report Separate Anti-Asian Incidents, Hate Crime Investigations in NYC

Two Women Report Separate Anti-Asian Incidents, Hate Crime Investigations in NYC

April 30, 2021
Two separate incidents that targeted Asian Americans have been reported in New York City this week.
The incidents, which both occurred on Wednesday, are now under investigation by the city’s Hate Crimes Task Force.
Cherry Street. Image (representation only) via Jim.henderson (CC BY-SA 4.0)
The first incident took place at a Lower East Side apartment and involved a 41-year-old Asian woman who reported her neighbor for threatening violence after calling her a “ch*nk b***h.”
The altercation on Cherry Street started around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday when the woman called 311 on her 37-year-old neighbor for playing his music too loud.
Police responded to the woman’s call and talked to her neighbor, but things took a turn for the worse when they left.
“I am going to beat the s**t out of that ch*nk b***h,” the victim recalled her neighbor saying, according to the New York Post.
2nd Avenue Station. Image (representation only) via Dan DeLuca (CC BY 2.0)
The second incident saw the assault of a 47-year-old woman at the 2nd Avenue subway station in the Bowery around 6:40 p.m.
The woman, who was waiting for a Brooklyn-bound F train, claimed that she saw a man counting out loud to himself.
When she tried to walk away, the man allegedly followed her and punched her in the face.
She managed to run away and report the assault, but the suspect was gone when police officers arrived.
The victim suffered a bruise on her face, as well as cuts and scrapes on her hands and leg, according to the New York Daily News.
Image (Cropped) via DanTD (CC BY-SA 4.0)
On the same day, Saul Babilonia, 58, was charged after punching an Asian man who refused to give him money on Fourth Avenue near Union Square the day before.
The victim was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he received nine stitches to close a deep wound on his forehead.
Feature Image (representation only) via Jim.henderson (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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