New Viral Trend in China Shows People Pulling ‘Jewelry Stealing Prank’ on Horrified Employees

jewelry prank

The Malaysian viral “shoe-stealing prank” has spread to China and gave birth to a new version where people pull a “jewelry-stealing prank” on unsuspecting jewelry clerks.

In the clip, a person will pose as a potential buyer of a piece of jewelry. They ask to try on a necklace; once it’s already on, the prankster makes a slow dash across the room – usually towards the door – that would then prompt the clerk to take quick action.

It usually involves the clerks doing parkour as they jump over the counter to chase the person trying on the jewelry. But instead of bolting out through the door, the prankster will stop somewhere else either to check another piece of jewelry or to check herself in the mirror located near the exit.

After realizing that it’s just a prank, the clerks usually laugh at themselves and sometimes even cover their face from embarrassment.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / 14.3M views

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