New Study Reveals Systemic Racism Towards Asians in Silicon Valley

New Study Reveals Systemic Racism Towards Asians in Silicon Valley
Max Chang
By Max Chang
May 6, 2015
Google, Yahoo and other tech giants are more likely to hire Asians as computer programmers than to promote them to management and executive positions, according to
The study was conducted by Ascend, a group focused on Asian business issues. They analyzed data filed in 2013 with the U.S. employment regulators by Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and LinkedIn Corp.
Denise Peck, co-author of the study and a former Cisco Systems exec, told The Associated Press:

“If you step in the cafeteria of any of these five companies, you will see plenty of Asian talent around. It’s only when you walk into the executive suites at these companies that you might see a problem.”

According to the report, 27% of Asian employees at the five tech companies held professional jobs, but only 14% were in executive positions. In contrast, 62% of whites held professional jobs, and 80% filled executive positions.
Asian women fared even worse than their male counterparts, as the report found that there was just one Asian female executive for every 287 Asian females in professional positions. In contrast, there was one white female executive for every 123 white females in professional positions.
“There are cultural norms and attitudes that help get Asians to a certain level of success, but then work against them and hold them back from reaching a higher rank,” Peck said.
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