New Patent Pictures Show How Airlines Could Stack Passengers to Make More Money

New Patent Pictures Show How Airlines Could Stack Passengers to Make More Money
Editorial Staff
October 7, 2015
If you thought current airplanes were cramped enough as it is, know that it could be even worse if an idea from one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers ever comes to fruition.
A patent filed by Airbus with the European Patent Office proposes a stacking system for air passengers to maximize cabin space and airlines’ profit.
The patent includes diagrams and descriptions of several designs that have passengers occupying raised seats that could swivel 180 degrees and would be comfortable enough for business class passengers.
Illustration showing how passengers can go up stairs to get to their upper level seats
The patent reads: “In modern means of transport, in particular in aircraft, it is very important from an economic point of view to make optimum use of the available space in the passenger cabin.
“Passenger cabins are therefore fitted with as many rows of passenger seats as possible, which are positioned with as little space between them as possible.”
This design shows how passengers could lay down without tangling limbs
Fortunately, an Airbus spokesperson told the Telegraph that the idea may not make it past the design stage:
“This does not mean they are necessarily going to be adopted into an aircraft design. This preserves the innovation and idea.”
This design would probably leave some passengers feeling a little awkward
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