This $500 Fitness Tracking Mirror Uses Incredible Technology to Help You Lose Weight

Ordinary mirrors are only able to see outer beauty, but now there is one that claims to see within.
The new Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is a $499 mirror that is able to produce a full 3D rendering of a person’s body in a matter of 20 seconds. Using Intel RealSense Depth Sensors, the Naked mirror can also give users a “heat map” of their body.
According to Mashable, Naked Labs in Silicon Valley is the mastermind behind the invention that utilizes Bluetooth-connected scales to deliver the information right to your smartphone app, which is compatible for iOS and Android. The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker helps chart the progress and change in a user’s body by showing him or her the areas that are growing muscle or shedding fat at that instant.
CEO and founder of Naked Labs, Farhad Farahbakhishian, said of the product:
“Our users have loved being able to see their bodies’ changes.”
Farahbakhishian has been beta-testing the Naked mirror with people since 2015 and says his subjects are very excited about the visual feedback they receive from the device. The app’s timelapse feature shows the physical changes in the body over time, which aims to help motivate people to stick to their fitness goals and plans.
While scales for measuring body fat percentage have an error rate of up to 8 percent, the technology used for Naked mirror measures accuracy to within 1.5 percent.
The product is available for pre-order April 14 and begins shipment in March 2017.
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