K-Pop Star’s Adorable Parents Close Business to Watch Their Daughter’s Concert

Let’s talk about the supportive parents of one upcoming K-Pop idol who paused their business to attend their daughter’s pre-debut concert.

If you’ve always been in the K-Pop loop, chances are you already heard of Pledis Girlz. They’re a group of female trainees from Pledis Entertainment, the company behind Seventeen, Nu’est, Orange Caramel and of course, the legendary After School.

Lim Na Young is part of this group, which recently held its “Hi & Bye” concert that finally announced their official debut name: PRISTIN.

It turns out the events that happened before the concert were adorably interesting, especially for her. Apparently, her parents closed, their restaurant business, Kalguksu, for two days.

Kalguksu is a popular Korean dish prepared with handmade and knife-cut wheat flour noodles. It is served with broth.

They left a message on the establishment’s entrance:

“We are heading to Seoul to attend our daughter’s concert. We will be closed for 2 days on the 6th and 7th. Apologies.”

Netizens then shared the notice online, which quickly gathered warm comments (via allkpop):

“They’re so cute…”

“But the kalguksu there is actually really good and they give you a lot.”

“Kekeke they must be proud of their daughter!”

For those who may not know, Na Young sort of debuted already, but only for a temporary idol group called IOI. She was also selected to be the leader. That also means PRISTIN will be Na Young’s official debut under her respective label. We can’t wait!

Check them out:

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