New Japanese Service Helps Insecure Women Deceive their Men

If you’re in need of a handsome man — and who isn’t — Tokyo-based service company Support One can rent you one for the right price.

The female-run Support One is a benri-ya (which translates to “convenience providers”)  business that offers services like dog walking, PC setup, substitute grave visitors and “rental lovers,” wherein one of the company’s employees will pose as your boyfriend or girlfriend.

As reported by RocketNews24, a new service called the “Jealousy-Generating Brigade” is now available to Support One customers. You’ll want to hire a JGB member if, according to RocketNews24’s translation of the company’s description of the new service, you have feelings that include:

“I don’t know how the guy I like feels about me…”

“My boyfriend is always so laid-back and confident in his relationship with me. It really ticks me off!”

“I want to make my boyfriend feel just a little uneasy.”

“I want to make him jealous.”

For a 5,000 yen ($42) first-hour base price tag, you can have a Support One-guaranteed handsome man hit on you in front of your boyfriend just as he’s arriving, pose as your good looking — and thus boyfriend-threatening — close friend, or have the JGB worker chat you up at a party while your hapless boyfriend watches on.

Good luck to the boyfriends of the women who hire the JGB — you’re probably in for quite the relationship ride.

Sarah Lesnar :Sarah Lesnar is a recent graduate at USC. She majored in Broadcast Journalism and loves to write every moment she gets. Aside from her passion in writing, she also loves her cats Sam and Minka.